The Pittman Family
God's Servants - Reaching Oceania

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G'day ... Reaching the Oceania Regions for Christ

Ministry update:
12/2/2016 - Arrived in New Zealand/Whakatane, NZ
12/3/2016 - Christmas Parade - Whakatane, NZ
12/17/2016 - Marketplace Evangelism @ Ohope Market
1/14/2017 - Marketplace Evangelism @ Whakatane
February - Soulwinning Revival
March - Soulwinning Tract Blitz
April - Witnessing in Hospitals
5/3/2017 - Marketplace Evangelism @ Ohope Market
June - Rural Outreach
July - Holiday Bible Club in Kawerau, NZ (19 - 23)
August - Street Witnessing and Tract Distribution
September - Departed New Zealand

  • Follow Christ and do His perfect will.

Prayer Needs:
1. Praise the Lord for souls saved in New Zealand.
2. For the church to be edified and built up in Oceania.
3. Marriage to stay firm in Australia.
4. Peace in Oceania Regions (Australia, NZ, PNG, etc.)

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Wesley, Erin, Elizabeth, and Suzanna Pittman