The Pittman Family
God's Servants in New Zealand

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G'day ... Reaching New Zealand for Christ

Ministry update:
12/2/2016 - Arrived in New Zealand/Whakatane, NZ
12/3/2016 - Christmas Parade - Whakatane, NZ
12/17/2016 - Marketplace Evangelism @ Ohope Market
1/14/2017 - Marketplace Evangelism @ Whakatane
February - Soulwinning Revival
March - Soulwinning Tract Blitz
April - Witnessing in Hospitals
5/3/2017 - Marketplace Evangelism @ Ohope Market

1.  Assist in church planting in Whakatane, NZ and Kawerau, NZ
2.  Assist Missionary/Church Planter Lewis Howell in Whakatane, NZ

Prayer Needs:
1. Praise the Lord for Suzanna Grace Pittman born on April 3rd.
2.  Pray for our rural outreach in May
3.  Pray for Bro. Lewis Howell's health
4.  MTT Ministries - July

Wesley, Erin, Elizabeth, and Suzanna Pittman